Used Part Sales

The  used automotive parts industry is very scrutinized due to the past history of businesses that operate outside of the professional norm. There are plenty of "fly by night" salvage yards and even "junk yards" that, till this day, still don't operate professionally or ethically.  As a result, national and state laws have been enacted to separate the "Professional Automotive Recycler" from the "Junk Yard".  Sure, we're all selling used automotive parts, but there can be a large gap in professionalism between parts dealers. Whether you are an insurance estimator, a body shop, a garage, or simply need auto parts for your own car, Advanced Auto Recyclers is your one-stop shop for parts for your foriegn import car or truck. Our auto salvage inventory is handpicked based on our knowledge, expertise, quality of parts and manufacturer reputation. Our Founder Sam Bashir has been a leader in the used auto parts industry for over 20 years. Under his direction we are focused on providing you the quickest, easiest method of obtaining TOP QUALITY used import car and truck parts.

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