Return Policy

Attention Advanced Auto Recycler Customers!!!                                                    

Please Review our new return policy.

We have a 90 day limited warranty on parts.  A strict 10-day return policy will be enforced for standard merchandise returns.

1. It is the customer’s responsibility to supply us with your VIN number before ordering a part. If we sell a part that does not fit and we were not supplied your VIN, we reserve the right to refuse any exchange or return.  With today’s complicated vehicles it is necessary to have your VIN & production date available when ordering a part.

2. A 25% restocking fee will be charged on all returned parts. If we made a mistake and sold you the wrong part we will provide you with the correct part or refund you the purchase price at our discretion.

3.Parts may be returned within 10 days, for a refund. Exclusions may apply to certain types of parts listed below:
4.Body parts, sheet metal, wheels and tires (hoods, doors, fenders, bumpers, headlights, taillights, mirrors and glass) are sold strictly as is no warranty, no exchange and no refunds. We ask that you inspect the quality of the part you are purchasing before leaving, because we will not accept a return for any reason.
5.Electrical parts are all sold as is no warranty, no exchange & no refunds. This includes computers, modules, throttle bodies, distributors, speedometers, heater controls, stereos/radios, switches and electrical motors
6.Interior parts are sold as is no warranty. This includes seats, dashes, carpet, trim panels and seat belts.

Any other parts NOT mentioned in the exclusion list will fall under the standard 90 day warranty period & 10 day return period.

7. Engines, Transmissions and Drivetrain parts are covered with a limited 30 day warranty. The 10 day return policy still applies.  Labor costs, Towing, fluids, shop supplies and any other expenses are not covered.  Engine warranty covers cracked block, cylinder head and rotating assembly.  Parts external to the long block assembly (i.e., intakes, manifolds, carburetors, throttle bodies, injectors, oil pans, valve covers, brackets, etc.) are not warranted.  These are left on for installers’ convenience only.  All engines & transmissions must be installed by an ASE certified shop for warranty to be effective.  If we feel the installer was negligent we reserve the right to refuse any warranty claim.

-Buyer is solely responsible for determining the suitability of a part or parts purchased for purposes intended. We reserve the right to be the determiner of the condition of the part when sold and when returned.  Verbal representation, made by any person, contrary to the provisions of this warranty, shall not be binding.